San Antonio Bass Club

1. All tournament bass, i.e., largemouth, small mouth, spotted and Guadalupe, must be at least 14 long and caught on artificial bait with rod and reel or fly rod. No trolling allowed.

2. Any fish less than the legal size limit will be disqualified. The legal size limit shall be determined by Local, State and Federal Laws for the tournament lake and take precedent over SABC rules. State laws must be observed at all times.

3. Weigh in limit will be five (5) fish per member per day unless the tournament lake has unique limits which must be observed.

4. Every effort must be made to keep fish alive and in good condition until weigh in. All fish brought to weigh in must be in an appropriate weigh bag with enough water to cover fish.

5. Weigh-in times and locations will be designated by the Tournament Committee. Participants must be in weigh in line before designated time of weigh in. Weigh in ends at posted time. Cut off time will be strictly observed, no grace period.

6. All protests must be presented in writing to the Tournament Director within 15 minutes after the close of weigh in. Any discrepancies or questions of catches will be ruled on by at least 3 or more Tournament Committee members and/or Club officers present. They will make the final decision.

7. Boats may be launched at any time after midnight on the day of the tournament, but safe boating shall be observed at all times. Fishing shall not start until 30 minutes before sunrise for that day.

8. There will be a $10 entry fee for each tournament, payable on Saturday of the tournament. The entry fee is waived for PeeWee, Junior, and Lifetime members.

9. Trophies:
a. First Place Heavy String.
b. Second Place Heavy String.
c. Third Place Heavy String.
d. Big Bass of Tournament.
e. First Place through 50% of field Heavy String, Ladies Division.
f. First Place Heavy String, Junior Division, ages 13 through 17.
g. First Place Heavy String, PeeWee Division, ages thru 12 years.
h. First Place Heavy String, Team Division. Any two-member team out of one boat.
i. All PeeWee's participating.

10. PATCHES: Members catching bass weighing 5 or more pounds will be awarded an arm patch of a fish with the numeral of the fish size. This applies only to fish caught in Club Tournaments, and at the request of the fisherperson.

11. The top 8 team will be comprised of the highest lb finishers of the previous year, who are members of TABC and who choose to fish the TABC tournament. If a top 8 qualifier chooses not to fish Top 8, the next highest lb finisher will be eligible to compete.

12. Notice will be given 10 days in advance of tournament changes.

13. San Antonio Bass Club is an all-release bass club. All fish must be released alive during tournament days except for trophy fish.

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