SABC Meeting Minutes - October 2018

SABC MEETING – October 23, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Leonard Gonzales at 7:00 pm. 

The minutes of the September meeting were approved as read. 

Stanley gave the treasurer’s report with an ending balance of $5,466.64

Woody gave the Metro report with discussion about the City Tournament. Congratulations to all who helped SABC win the City this year. Several members received additional monies for their efforts in the tournament. Everyone agreed that Rudy’s was a good place for the Saturday meal.  

Woody reported that TABC has a new and improved website. Check it out at .

The nominating committee presented the following slate for 2019:

President – Leonard Gonzales    Board of Directors: Joe Aker, Wayne Bell, Chris Eyhorn

V/P           - Dal Luke

Secretary – Kathy Woodruff

Treasurer – Stanley Edwards

We will vote at our November meeting.

A change in our “Rules and Regulations” was requested by 5 members for Rule #1.

The change would clarify “no combustion engine trolling allowed”. 

Tournament Director Doug Ballard announced our November tournament will be at Fayette – paper only. We voted to not have fish over the slot brought to the scales. All of the discussion about big bass and paper weights brought up an addition to our “Rules and Regulations” that will be voted on at our November meeting. 

Leonard reminded everyone to take a picture of the back of their SABC shirts and email it to Brandon. We are supposed to get replacements with the correct information on the back. 

The optional pot and door prizes were awarded and the meeting was adjourned. 


Kathy Woodruff, Secretary

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