San Antonio Bass Club



(Amended November, 2014)


The name of this organization shall be the San Antonio Bass Club.



SEC 1. Making the membership more skilled in bass angling through education.

SEC 2. Making bass angling enjoyable through fellowship and family participation.

SEC 3. Making bass angling a more productive sport through conservation.



SEC 1. ELIGIBILITY: Any man or woman, or any child whose parents are a member.


a. ACTIVE MEMBERS: Any member who has been voted into the Club and whose

dues are current.

b. FAMILY PLAN MEMBERS: Membership under this plan would include the active member, his spouse and/or children who are under 18 years of age. Family members shall enjoy all privileges and benefits of the Club, except that junior members under 12 years of age shall not be permitted to vote on Club business.

c. JUNIOR MEMBERS: A junior may become a member when his and/or her parents are not members by submitting a notarized statement of consent by his or her parents, and sponsorship of the junior member by an active member of the Club.

d. HONORARY MEMBERS: Honorary membership shall be used for outstanding cases, such as generous treatment to the Club by any person. Honorary membership shall be limited to such an extent that it shall not be conferred indiscriminately, and the member shall be made to feel that he has, in fact, been honored. Honorary members shall be elected by the membership and shall have all the privileges of active members.

e. LIFE MEMBERSHIP: A member will qualify with five continuous years of active membership and at least age 65. Waived privilege will be annual dues. Waived privilege will also apply to the life member’s spouse, regardless of the spouse’s age. Other Club functions are to be paid as indicated by the members.

SEC 3. REQUIREMENTS: Prospective members shall be invited to membership by an active member in good standing, and sponsored by that member.


a. Two-thirds majority vote of the active members present at a regular business

meeting shall be required for approval for membership.

b. A prospective member can weigh his/her fish at the current SABC tournament.      This prospective member must pay his/her club dues and tournament fees at the       tournament. His/her weight will be counted if he/she is voted in by a two-thirds       majority vote of the active members present at the next regular business            meeting.

c. Applicant shall be notified of status of his application by the Secretary.

             d. Any person who applies for and is duly elected to membership in the Club shall be  deemed to have accepted the By-Laws and shall be bound by them in all respects  as if he or she had been a member at that time of their adoption.

SEC 5. Any member of the San Antonio Bass Club who fishes in competition (with another club) against the San Antonio Bass Club will not have his/her weight for that tournament count for the San Antonio Bass Club and the weight will not count in the yearly total of that member.

SEC 6. MEMBERSHIP: The total Club membership shall be limited to one hundred (100) paid active members. (Family plan members count as only one (1) member.) Junior members under the family plan shall be eligible for membership when they reach

the age of 18. (Article III, Sec 2.b.) .



SEC 1. The elective officers and Board of Directors of the Club shall be:

a. President

b. Vice-President

c. Secretary

d. Treasurer

e. Board of Directors: Six (6) board members to serve for two (2) year terms, at the first election of the board members. Three shall be elected for one year terms and three for two year terms. The immediate Past President shall be a member of the Board for one year. The Treasurer shall also be a member of the Board.


a. On or before October 1st of each year the President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall appoint a nominating committee of not less than five members, with at least two Past Presidents of the Club, if available, after there are such, included in the Committee. Notice of the appointment of the Nominating Committee and the names thereof shall be given to the Club at the next meeting or publication. The Nominating Committee shall nominate at least one member for each elective office in the Club. Nominations shall be in writing, signed by the Chairman of the Nominating Committee and shall be in the hands of the Secretary prior to being announced.

b. Officers and Directors shall be elected by secret ballot annually during the first regular meeting of November of each year by a majority vote of the active members present. The new Officers and Board of Directors shall take office on January 1st of each year.


a. The President shall preside at all meetings of the membership and Board of

Directors, and shall appoint all committees as required.

The President shall appoint the Tournament Director, who will select an additional seven (7) active members as the tournament committee. The Tournament Director and committee will be in charge of: (a.) Weigh in times and locations, (b.) Checking weigh in and recording weights, and (c.) sending results to the newspaper.

b. The Vice-President shall assist the President and act in his/her absence.

The Vice President shall be in charge of any publicity, take pictures at SABC functions and report all news.

c. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings, both membership and

Board of Directors, record of attendance of all members and a roster of


d. The Treasurer shall keep a record of all receipts and disbursements and shall render an annual report of same or at any time when requested by the President, Board of Directors, or a majority vote of the membership.

e. The Board of Directors shall exercise the general management of the Club's affairs subject only to the directions of the Club. It shall receive monthly reports from the Secretary and the Treasurer, authorize all purchases and disbursements of the Club funds, and perform such other duties as are ordinarily performed by the Board of Directors or Executive Committee of an Organization.



SEC 1. Regular meetings shall be held on the fourth Tuesday of each month or at a time

agreed upon by the membership.

SEC 2. CALLED MEETINGS: When deemed necessary by the Officers, a called meeting may be held provided the membership is properly notified at least one week in advance.

SEC 3. BOARD MEETINGS: The Board will meet as often as deemed necessary by the President.



SEC 1. An initiation fee of $5.00 shall be charged each new member and shall be remitted with the application for membership. Children or Junior members shall not be required to pay the initiation fee provided they become members under the FAMILY PLAN. (Article III, SEC 2.b.)

SEC 2. Dues shall be $60.00 per year for active members, single or family.

SEC 3. Dues shall be payable on an annual basis during the month of January. Non prorata members will have the thirty-one (31) day period of January to make dues current. Dues in arrears are considered inactive, null and void. Reinstatement of membership calls for new initiation fee and club vote for active membership. (Article III, SEC 3.) 




a. Nonpayment of dues.

b. Misconduct.

SEC 2. A member may be expelled from the club by a two-thirds majority of the active members present at a regular meeting.



SEC 1. All funds received by the Club shall be placed in a suitable depository and the signature of one authorized signer shall be required for any disbursements. There will be three authorized signers for the Club: the President, the Treasurer, and one permanent signer.

SEC 2. All funds received shall be used for the operation and advancement of the Club.



All changes to the By-Laws and tournament rules must be submitted in writing to a Director or Officer before our October meeting. Said Amendment must be sponsored by at least five (5) active members. A vote will be taken at the November meeting with a two-thirds majority vote of the active members present at this meeting required for passage. Any changes will take effect in January of the following year.


Any procedure not defined in these By-Laws will be governed by the Roberts Rules of Order.

Charter Membership closed March 20, 1963.

20 March 1963. RJ.Mangold moved that: The President be allocated a $25.00 petty cash fund     and that this fund be accounted for and replenished at each regular business                meeting. 2nd H. Warren, Motion Passed.

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